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Picture of Ron Keel and family.

About Ron: Homegrown Leadership for Bay County

Meet Ron, a Bay County native, dedicated family man, and accomplished leader in both the military and corporate sectors. As a proud veteran of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division, Ron's service reflects his deeply-rooted commitment to defending our liberties and upholding our nation's values.

Throughout his life, Ron's military service and career have taken him across the country and around the world. These experiences, however, have only strengthened his bond to Bay County, the place he has always considered home.

In his illustrious corporate career, Ron honed his strategic planning, financial management, and team leadership skills. He understands what it takes to attract new industries, create jobs, and bolster our local economy - all of which are vital for Bay County's future.

Ron's traditional conservative values emphasize hard work, personal responsibility, and limited government. He strongly supports upholding law and order, protecting individual liberties, and honoring our military and veterans. These principles guide him as he seeks to serve the people of Bay County.

Inspired by a sincere desire to contribute to the community he deeply loves, Ron is ready to channel his energy and expertise into serving you. Join him in his endeavor to secure a prosperous, safe, and thriving future for Bay County.

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