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Welcome to the "News" section of Ron Keel's campaign website. Here you'll find the most recent updates, announcements, and developments surrounding Ron's candidacy for the Bay County Commission. From campaign events and policy updates to opportunities for community engagement, this is your go-to resource for staying informed and involved. Let's work together to pave the way for stronger leadership in Bay County. Make sure to check back regularly for the latest news.


Ron Keel Officially on the Ballot for August 20th, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Ron Keel has successfully secured his spot on the ballot for the Bay County District 1 Commissioner position in the upcoming election on August 20th, 2024.

Ron extends his heartfelt gratitude to everyone who signed his petition and supported his candidacy. Your signatures have not only placed Ron on the ballot but have also demonstrated a shared belief in his vision for a prosperous and inclusive Bay County.

As we move forward, Ron remains committed to engaging with the community, discussing key issues, and working towards practical solutions that benefit all residents. Stay tuned for upcoming events and opportunities to meet Ron in person.


Together, let's continue to drive positive change and build a stronger Bay County!

Picture of the products in the Vote Ron Keel Campaign store

Ron Keel's Merchandise Shop Now Open

We are excited to announce the launch of Ron Keel's official merchandise shop! Show your support for Ron's campaign by purchasing a variety of campaign merchandise, including t-shirts, hats, and more.

All proceeds from the merchandise sales go directly towards supporting Ron's campaign efforts. By purchasing and wearing campaign merchandise, you not only contribute to the campaign but also help spread the word about Ron's vision for Bay County.

Visit the shop and show your support today!

Together, let's make a difference in Bay County!

Ron Keel's logo of a red paw print on a black background

Upcoming Meet and Greet with Ron Keel at the Trump Store

Join Ron Keel for an exclusive meet and greet event at the Trump Store in Panama City! This event is a fantastic opportunity for residents of Bay County to engage directly with Ron, learn more about his plans and policies, and discuss the issues that matter most to our community.

Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, June 8th

  • Time: 9 AM to 11 AM

  • Location: Trump Store, 3704 W 23rd St Ste D, Panama City, FL 32405


Ron is eager to share his vision for District 1 and hear your thoughts and concerns. Whether you’re looking for more information on Ron’s stance on key issues or just want to show your support, this event promises to be both informative and inspiring.

As we approach the election, your involvement is crucial. This meet and greet is not just a chance to interact with Ron but also an occasion to rally support as he aims to bring impactful change to Bay County. Make sure to stop by, grab a sign, and let's ensure a strong turnout to support Ron’s journey towards a better Bay County.

We look forward to seeing you there and making a positive stride together towards the upcoming election.

On Air Sign

Interview with Veronica LIVE

Ron Keel recently joined Veronica LIVE to discuss his candidacy for the Bay County Commissioner District 1 seat. During the interview, Ron shared his motivations for running and his plans for addressing the key issues facing Bay County.

The interview provided valuable insights into Ron's commitment to improving the community and his approach to leadership. If you missed the live broadcast, you can listen to the interview below.

This interview is a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of Bay County and seeking a leader dedicated to transparency and proactive solutions.

Coffee Beans

Successful Meet and Greet Event at Victoria's Last Bite

On April 13th, Ron Keel hosted a successful meet and greet at Victoria's Last Bite in Lynn Haven, FL. The event provided a fantastic opportunity for residents to learn more about Ron and his vision for Bay County.

Attendees enjoyed coffee, tea, and donuts while engaging in meaningful conversations with Ron. He shared his goals for the community and addressed various questions from the audience. The event also saw numerous supporters signing petitions to help Ron get on the ballot.

Ron appreciates the warm welcome and support he received during the event. He looks forward to more such interactions with the community in the future.

Stay tuned for more events and opportunities to meet Ron. Together, we can pave the way for a brighter future for Bay County!

Palm Trees

A Morning of Coffee and Honest Conversations with Ron Keel

On a serene Saturday morning, the Keel residence in Bay County opened its doors for a unique community gathering dubbed "Coffee and Donuts with Ron Keel," attracting locals eager to know more about the man vying for the Bay County Commissioner, District 1 seat.

The event, held on May 25th, was not just an opportunity to enjoy freshly brewed coffee and sweet treats but also a chance to engage directly with Ron Keel in a setting that felt more like a neighborly get-together than a formal campaign event.

Attendee Jodi Christine Moore described the atmosphere as refreshingly candid, noting Ron's straightforward approach to discussing his vision for Bay County. "What I like about Ron is that he is NOT a 'politician' and is 100% honest about his perspective," Jodi commented, likening Ron's demeanor to prominent figures like Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump for their direct communication style.

During the event, Ron shared personal anecdotes that underscored his deep connection to Bay County. He recounted a poignant story about a friend from the Army who, before being deployed to Afghanistan, expressed a wish to visit the beaches of Florida—a wish that remained unfulfilled due to his tragic death in service. This story, Ron explained, reinforces his appreciation for the beauty and community of Bay County and his commitment to protect and enhance it for future generations.

As the morning progressed, residents got to know not just the candidate’s policies but also the personal convictions that drive his campaign. Ron emphasized his intent to preserve the quality of life in Bay County, making it a prime location to live, work, and play for both current residents and future generations.

Looking ahead, Jodi plans to interview Ron's opponents, providing a comprehensive view of the choices facing Bay County voters. Whether Ron secures the seat or not, his dedication to service seems poised to keep him in the realm of public service and community involvement for years to come.

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