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Ron's Positions

Ron leads with integrity and promotes open dialogue on key issues, which he sees as the cornerstone of effective leadership. This page provides insights into Ron's positions on essential matters directly affecting Bay County residents. As you read through, you'll discover that his perspectives are deeply rooted in a steadfast dedication to serving our community and an unwavering commitment to uphold the values we cherish. We invite you to explore his viewpoints and welcome any questions or discussions they may inspire.

Promoting Economic Prosperity:

Bay County's economic growth should not rely solely on tourism and the service industry. Ron plans to prioritize attracting new industries, fostering entrepreneurship, and supporting small businesses. These actions will create diverse job opportunities and ensure long-term economic stability.

Building Resilience after Natural Disasters:

The impact of Hurricane Michael continues to reverberate through our community. Ron is committed to steadfast efforts to rebuild and strengthen our infrastructure, increase disaster preparedness, and enhance our resilience to future natural disasters.

Strengthening Education and Workforce Development:

Investing in education and equipping our residents with skills for the future job market are top priorities. Ron plans to collaborate with educational institutions, local businesses, and community organizations to provide quality education and training programs that meet the needs of our evolving economy.

Affordable Housing Solutions:

It is vital to address Bay County's shortage of affordable housing options. Ron is dedicated to finding innovative solutions, promoting affordable housing initiatives, and encouraging responsible development to ensure that every resident has access to safe and affordable homes.

Environmental Stewardship:

Preserving our natural resources is crucial for our community's future. Ron plans to champion sustainable practices, advocate for responsible development, and support environmental policies that balance conservation and economic growth.

Expanding Access to Healthcare:

Accessible healthcare services are essential for our community's well-being. Ron plans to work towards expanding healthcare facilities, attracting medical professionals, and improving access to affordable public healthcare options for all Bay County residents.

Enhancing Transportation Infrastructure:

Hurricane Michael's recovery efforts, while crucial, inadvertently led to significant wear and tear on our county's transportation infrastructure. The weight and regular usage of heavy cleanup trucks, which our roads were not designed to handle, have resulted in substantial damage. These conditions necessitate urgent improvement to support economic growth and enhance connectivity. Ron is committed to prioritizing well-planned infrastructure projects that rectify these issues. Ron's focus will be on promoting efficiency, safety, and sustainability while alleviating traffic congestion, thereby improving mobility for our residents. It is crucial that we rebuild and future-proof our infrastructure to withstand both the demands of daily use and any unforeseen events.

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